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What is Social Monitor?

Social monitor is the essential social media monitoring, analytics and engagement solution for iGaming operators who want to leverage on today’s social media landscape. 

Social Monitor is a managed enterprise-class solution for all your social media monitoring, analytics and engagement needs. It’s the first solution of its kind specifically tailored for the iGaming industry yet remains highly customisable to your exact needs.

Watch the video below, which will explain Social Monitor in 90 seconds.

Social media monitoring, analytics & engagement solution built for iGaming

World-class data coverage

Monitoring online buzz across +500 million sources including social networks, affiliate sites, forums, blogs and news sites.

Benchmark and measure

Benchmark and measure your brand, products and campaigns against any other iGaming brand across 27 languages and +50 tailored metric types.

Smart mention feeds

Smart mention feeds allowing your community management and customer service teams to engage in relevant conversations.

Customised data charts

You don't need to spend time learning about Boolean query writing, how to filter the data or customise the data charts. We do that for you.

What does Social Monitor look like?

Social Monitor is trusted by industry leaders


Product features tailored to iGaming

We didn’t just put another generic product on the market. We developed and tailored the best solution for the iGaming industry. We built this for those who are working with sports books, poker, casino, bingo and other industry products.

Online dashboards built and tailored according to your specific needs

Report your brand’s share-of-voice against competition over time and across any channel

Measure and benchmark online buzz from your marketing campaigns, events and sponsorships

Compare your brand to your competition on industry topics

Earned vs. Published mention ratio across any iGaming brand

Understand who the key influencers are across all brands and topics

See who are the most popular channels, sites and page types

Measure and benchmark metrics data for any Twitter profiles and Facebook pages

Real-time feed of brand mentions

Engage directly using Hootsuite Enterprise

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